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Showcase Sites

  • 10 Netlify features to surprise and delight
    by Phil Hawksworth Article
    Jan 04, 18

    During my first days as a Netlify employee, I learned about some features that surprised me. The response to my tweet announcing my new role was interesting, too. I received lots of kind words of congratulations along with questions about features I assumed were well known or understood.

  • Notes about migrating to Hugo
    by Fatih Arslan Tutorial
    Nov 30, 17

    I’ve moved my blog to a new blogging platform. This time from to Hugo. I took some notes about various parts of this migration. I wrote some of my thoughts on why I made the switch, ideas, improvements for the design and custom tooling for my editing workflow.

  • GraphCMS - GraphQL Based Headless CMS
    by Jeff Escalante Tutorial
    May 17, 17

    One of the great advantages of headless CMS’ is that they are able to be consumed by a wide variety of different applications and build tools, rather than being tied specifically to a web frontend. And today we’ll be talking about using GraphCMS to create a static site - an architecture that suits many use cases much better than using a dynamic site or single page app.

  • Go static: 5 reasons to try JAMstack on your next project.
    by Tom Bennet, Builtvisible Article
    Mar 13, 17

    Whether you’re building a blog, setting up an ecommerce site, or developing a JavaScript-powered single page app, the days of defaulting to WordPress for all but the simplest projects are over. Static site generators and ultra-fast CDN-based distribution are powering a new generation of websites, and the time to embrace this is now. Before diving into the why, let’s quickly look at the what.

  • Creating a staging environment for Jekyll
    by Eduardo Bouças Tutorial
    Feb 22, 17

    A staging or pre-production environment is a testing infrastructure that replicates as best as possible the setup of a live site. In the context of a Jekyll site, it can be used to share a new post or feature with a selected group of people before a roll out to the general public. In this post, I’ll show you how I created one and how I make use of it.

  • Isomorphic rendering on the JAM Stack
    by Phil Hawksworth Tutorial
    Aug 01, 16

    I have been experimenting with something that seemed obvious to me for a while. A web development model which gives a pre-rendered, ready-to-consume, straight-into-the-eyeballs web page at every URL of a site. One which, once loaded, then behaves like a client-side, single page app.

    The fact that so many frameworks set about this with all manner of complex add-ons and machinery gave me cause to think I was missing something big. So I built a simple proof of concept with a static site generator to see if this model could work. I’m pretty pleased with it. Let me talk you through the approach and show you the result.

  • Static sites go all Hollywood
    by Phil Hawksworth Video/Presentation
    Sep 22, 15

    The popularity of building web sites with static site generators is on the rise. Their reduced complexity, easier compliance, cheaper hosting, and other benefits are getting people’s attention, but they do have limits.

    This talk will explore how we can break through some of those limits with the use of a new breed of hosted tools and services. We’ll look at practical examples of how a static site generator can help deliver a modern web development workflow, support a living styleguide, and also pack the kind of dynamic punch that you’d only think possible from bigger application stacks.

  • Building a Static CMS
    Dec 05, 14

    We ended up finding two great services, Contentful and Netlify, that worked well with our current toolset to achieve the Holy Grail: a static CMS.