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  • Building a Static Documentation Site with Metalsmith
    by Greg Leeds Tutorial
    May 23, 17

    At work my company’s product team has been using GitHub wiki for years for all of our use facing documentation. As they have grown from a small open source project to a much larger team with a more fully featured enterprise offering, they had outgrowing using GitHub wiki. We went out in search of a set of tools to build our own self hosted documentation web site with the following set of requirements…

  • Go static: 5 reasons to try JAMstack on your next project.
    by Tom Bennet, Builtvisible Article
    Mar 13, 17

    Whether you’re building a blog, setting up an ecommerce site, or developing a JavaScript-powered single page app, the days of defaulting to WordPress for all but the simplest projects are over. Static site generators and ultra-fast CDN-based distribution are powering a new generation of websites, and the time to embrace this is now. Before diving into the why, let’s quickly look at the what.

  • Building Technical Documentation with Metalsmith
    by Andy Jiang, Segment Tutorial
    Oct 20, 15

    Using Metalsmith to build a simple blog is one thing, but building easy-to-maintain documentation isn’t as simple. There are different sections, libraries, various reusable code snippets and content that live in multiple places, and other stuff to consider. Metalsmith simplifies maintaining all of these moving parts and let’s us focus purely on creating helpful content. Here’s how we did it!

  • Introduction to Metalsmith
    by Andy Jiang Article
    Aug 16, 15

    When I first encountered Metalsmith, I thought that it was similar to Jekyll. It wasn’t until I had worked on two to three projects using Metalsmith that I fully realized its flexibility and power. This post is an introduction to Metalsmith and its extensibility.