A Python-based declarative, file-based microsite generator

We want Grow to be the canonical way for teams and individuals to build, launch, and maintain high-quality, content-rich web sites. It’s architected to work for humans, to allow people pair it with their own development tools, to run locally and in the cloud, and to bring simplicity to web site management.

Grow (the app) and the stuff you make with it (your sites) are portable. You can run Grow anywhere, and you can take your content anywhere because your content is stored as flat files. There will never be lock-in with Grow.


  • Develop sites over HTTPS from static site generators (like Jekyll)
    by Paul Bakaus Tutorial
    Aug 05, 16

    If you’re using a static site generator like Jekyll or Grow (recommended), you know that commands like jekyll serve or grow run will spin up local web servers that allow you to live develop and preview your static site. Unfortunately, these generators don’t create a secure context behind an HTTPS domain, something I need often to test PWA features or certain AMP tags.