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Showcase Sites

  • Static sites go all Hollywood
    by Phil Hawksworth Video/Presentation
    Sep 22, 15

    The popularity of building web sites with static site generators is on the rise. Their reduced complexity, easier compliance, cheaper hosting, and other benefits are getting people’s attention, but they do have limits.

    This talk will explore how we can break through some of those limits with the use of a new breed of hosted tools and services. We’ll look at practical examples of how a static site generator can help deliver a modern web development workflow, support a living styleguide, and also pack the kind of dynamic punch that you’d only think possible from bigger application stacks.

  • Static Sites that Work for You
    by Andrew Goodricke Article
    Jun 19, 15

    In a previous post I wrote about the static html reprise explaining that most web pages only need to be built when the content or code has changed. Having your site like this can save you and your customers time and money, win-win situation. Most static site generators work from files in the codebase to get their content. Usually a Content Management System (CMS) is built into the site so non-technical authors can add and amend the content for the site, we need something to do this job for us. A solution to the problem is using a Software as a Service (SaaS)…

  • Building a Static CMS
    Dec 05, 14

    We ended up finding two great services, Contentful and Netlify, that worked well with our current toolset to achieve the Holy Grail: a static CMS.