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  • Converting WordPress Export File to Hugo
    by Elmar Klausmeier Tutorial
    Apr 24, 17

    Now I have written a migration program in the Go programming language to convert from WordPress export format to Hugo format. This program wp2hugo.go is in GitHub. It can be freely downloaded and does not need any further dependencies, except, of course, Go.

  • Replacing Disqus with Github Comments
    by Don Williamson Tutorial
    Apr 23, 17

    I’ve been considering removing comments from this blog for a while; mainly because the site doesn’t trigger much discussion and I didn’t like keeping the overhead of Disqus around. After looking into Disqus load-time behaviour I was pretty shocked what I was forcing on people loading the site

  • Hugulp, a Hugo + Gulp toolchain
    by Juan B. Rodriguez Tutorial
    Apr 20, 17

    Having decided on Hugo, I created a workflow that would allow me to replicate the famous Ruby on Rails Asset Pipeline. The basic premise of the Asset Pipeline is to minify, concatenate and fingerprint the assets used in your blog (images, stylesheets, scripts) so that less (and smaller in size) network requests are made by the browser.

  • Switching from WordPress to Nikola
    by Alan Pope Tutorial
    Apr 18, 17

    For a long while my personal blog has been running WordPress. Every so often I’ve looked at other options but never really been motivated to change it, because everything worked, and it was not too much effort to manage. Then I got ‘hacked’

  • Getting Hugo running on Netlify
    by Richard Littauer Tutorial
    Apr 17, 17

    Running Hugo on Netlify is satisfyingly great. You can get a static website running with almost no operating costs (unless you’re at major scale), and you’re also able to quickly deploy by pushing to GitHub, as well as getting SSL through LetsEncrypt automatically at the push of a button.