CMS as Code + Pushing the Limits with Static Site Tools

We’re heading to Brooklyn! This month we’ll have two Sessions: “CMS as Code” by Dmytri Kleiner of Contentful, and a roundtable discussion with Kyle Mathews and Jeff Escalante, creators of two of the most advanced static build tools, Gatsby and Spike, respectively.

We’ll begin Dmytri’s presentation and then, after a brief demo of the tools they’ve created, we’ll have a discussion. Bring your questions!


Thursday April, 6th @ 6:30 p.m.
(we will start promptly)

Carrot Creative
55 Washington St, 9th Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11201

CMS as Code

In “Infrastructure as Code: From the Iron Age to the Cloud Age” Kief Morris describes the “Iron Age” as a time when “infrastructure growth was limited by the hardware purchasing cycle. Since it could take weeks for a new server to arrive, there was little pressure to rapidly install and configure an operating system on it.”

But now, in the “Cloud Age”, systems are deployed using cloud services. Many of these services, including Contentful, provide friendly UIs where users can configure environments. Unfortunately, as the number of services that teams operate grows, it becomes unmanageable to maintain each one by pointing and clicking through the UI. “Infrastructure as Code” is an approach to deal with this issue: configuration of each service is automated, and the configuration is stored along with the source code for the application in version control. An API-first, headless CMS makes it possible to treat your CMS as code.


Dmytri Kleiner is a veteran Developer/Analyst with extensive experience with diverse technologies and platforms, both as a hands-on coder and in a management/leadership role. IT generalist with significant operations experience, Dmytri is currently one of the Solution Architects working at Contentful.

Kyle Mathews is a tech entrepreneur based in San Francisco, CA. He’s worked on several startups and is currently building a next generation JavaScript website framework called Gatsby that blends the speed of static sites with the rich tooling and client-side capabilities of React.js.

Jeff Escalante is the Lead Environment Developer at Carrot Creative where he works on developer process and services, open source tools, and occasionally leads client projects.


Apr 6, 6:30 PM
Carrot Creative 55 Washington St, 9th Fl Brooklyn, NY 11201