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A/B Testing + Master Serverless API

Julian Gaviria is obsessed with split testing JAMstack websites. In this talk he’ll share with you his journey through server-side A/B testing, why he thinks it’s so important and how to do it. In the second event in our series on Mastering Serverless, Gerald Onyango will show you hands on how to create a serverless API. He’ll go over the different options like firebase, AWS appsync, as well as demo a working serverless API that talks to a database to store user information and upload files to an online storage bucket.

CMS as Code + Pushing the Limits with Static Site Tools

We’re heading to Brooklyn! This month we’ll have two Sessions: “CMS as Code” by Dmytri Kleiner of Contentful, and a roundtable discussion with Kyle Mathews and Jeff Escalante, creators of two of the most advanced static build tools, Gatsby and Spike, respectively. We’ll begin Dmytri’s presentation and then, after a brief demo of the tools they’ve created, we’ll have a discussion. Bring your questions! Details Thursday April, 6th @ 6:30 p.

Jekyll in the Newsroom

It’s all about Jekyll and journalism: Find out how ProPublica uses Jekyll and Grunt to report some of its biggest stories, including everything from helping a network of over 1,000 journalists cover Election Day in real time (on the site “Electionland”), to telling the sordid tale of how a U.S. company helped aid a notorious warlord—and everything in between. About David Sleight: David became ProPublica’s first design director in May of 2014, where he oversees editorial design and production.

A Faster Better Way to Build Websites: Introduction to Static Site Generators

Ahead of our “Jekyll in the Newsroom” event Bud Parr will introduce static site generators like Jekyll, and explain why people have become so excited about them recently. We’ll go over why you should consider building your next site with these tools, covering, security, cost and other benefits, and review the ecosystem of tools. This event is being held in conjunction with The New York Civic Tech Meetup. Click here for Jekyll in the Newsroom event details.

January Meetup: Offline First for your Static Site + The Journey from CMS to Static (video)

Looking forward to a great Meetup to kick off 2017 with Tom Kraak from AOL on coming to static sites from a CMS world, and Jeff Posnick from Google, who has been working on applying Progressive Web App techniques to static sites. First Talk: Going Static - Early Light Media’s Journey from MovableType to Jekyll and over to Roots In late 2014, a small branding boutique was tasked with moving earlylightmedia.

Hacker Hours: Jekyll Workshop Part II

This month we’ll start right off getting into the meat of site-building: Deciding how to structure our content, reviewing the most powerful Jekyll filters as well as some must-have plugins. We’ll continue making a real-world site that you can then use as a basis for your sites and get site up on a web host. If you want to follow along in code (you can also just listen in) you will already be able to run Jekyll on your machine, since we covered installation in our first session.

Hacker Hours Workshop: Getting going with Jekyll

Last month we took a dive into javascript and APIs, so this month, in collaboration with the Hacker Hours Meetup, let’s spend some time working with one of the most popular static site generators around, Jekyll. “Getting Going with Jekyll” is a beginner to intermediate workshop on building a website using the Jekyll static site generator. Not just for blogs, Jekyll is adept at handling a wide variety of projects from simple to complex.

Go Offline First + API First for Blazing Fast and Scalable Sites

First talk: Jeremia Kimelman, of the GSA’s 18F group, will show us how to make website content available offline and blazing fast, using service workers and his Jekyll plugin. Jeff Escalante, of Carrot Creative will speak about how his firm uses API-driven static technology (#JAMstack), and, the new static site generator his team is creating to be even more scalable and maintainable than Roots, their previous effort. Thanks to our sponsor Civic Hall, the home for civic tech in New York City for providing us with meeting space.

Search for Static Sites

Aidan Feldman, a developer with the GSA’s 18F group (Building the 21st century digital government) discussed Search on Static Sites and some of the approaches his team at 18F have taken to create robust search options for static sites Our sponsor this month is Mouse, empowering all students to use technology as a force for good. Mouse runs an apprenticeship program and is looking for mentors.

Real World Content Strategy With Jekyll

I’m honored to have been part of the second annual Jekyll Conference, hosted by Cloudcannon on Saturday, May 7th. There was a great and diverse range of views and use-cases discussed from people all over the world. It’s so interesting to see how people approach this flexible tool, and also to hear how avid people are about it. Here are my slides and the video from the talk, and you can find everyone else’s at the Jekyllconf website.