JAMstack at O'Reilly's Velocity Conference: Git-based or API-driven CMSs

We had a great time at our last Meetup that was held in conjunction with our sponsor O’Reilly at their Velocity Conference!

Chris Macrae who came all the way from Canada to speak about “Git-based or API-driven CMSs.’

In “Git-based or API-driven CMS” Chris Macrae breaks down the differences between the two different types of Headless CMS’ — Git-based and API-driven CMS’ — helping you decide on the right tools for your next web project. He explores the difference between static and dynamic sites, when you should choose static or dynamic, and explains which type of CMS’ is better suited for these jobs.


Oct 2, 6:30 PM
Velocity Conference: New York Hilton, Midtown 1335 6th Avenue New York 10019

Link: www.meetup.com/preview/JAMstack-nyc/events/242739848