JAMstack update 6/16

Little notice of the emerging JAMstack scene in the this year’s Technology Radar.

Despite a significant mention in the 2015 edition of ThoughtWorks “Technology Radar,” there’s little notice of the emerging JAMstack scene in 2018. Netlify is rated as “Assess” but that’s the only mention I found. I’m guessing next year we’ll see more.

Check out the rest of the “Technology Radar” at Thoughtwork’s website.

While there are many links in this week’s newsletter, I want to highlight Phil Hawksworth’s article “Off with their heads — the rise of the modern CMS”

Content Management Systems, or CMS, often require incredible levels of financial, technical, and even political investment. For years they have promised clients the opportunity to take control of their websites without the need to write code or understand infrastructure. But more often than not, they leave their aspirations of being liberated and creative in tatters.

It’s a great piece going into a bit of history of CMS’s from an agency perspective, and the promise of the new, decoupled, headless CMS ecosystem.

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