Little notice of the emerging JAMstack scene in the this year’s Technology Radar.

With Shannon Soper on GatsbyJS and Chris Coyier on Codepen

Are there good reasons why creating sites with an SSG is becoming so popular?

We just launched the next iteration of the New Dynamic.

Michael Rose, one of the most active webdesigner in the Jekyll community, shares his vision on static site generators.

As Hugo is getting more and more popular and fast, we ask a few questions to Bjørn Erik Pedersen, the current lead developer, about the past, present and future of Hugo.

Bud Parr, founder of TheNewDynamic, shares his vision on the current state of the JAMstack ecosystem.

Perhaps you’re intrigued by static sites but can’t imagine going through the manual labor of extracting your current content into a new tool. Well - good news - most static site generators have some sort of migration tools…

We’re heading to Brooklyn! This month we’ll have two Sessions: CMS as Code by Dmytri Kleiner of Contentful, and a roundtable discussion with Kyle Mathews and Jeff Escalante, creators of two of the most advanced static build tools, Gatsby and Spike, respectively.

Ahead of our ‘Jekyll in the Newsroom’ event Bud Parr will introduce static site generators like Jekyll, and explain why people have become so excited about them recently.

It’s all about Jekyll and journalism: Find out how ProPublica uses Jekyll and Grunt to report some of its biggest stories, including everything from helping a network of over 1,000 journalists cover Election Day in real time…

Following the publication of the digital publishing workflow based on Git and Middleman of a publisher, Antoine Fauchié asked a few questions to Eric Gardner, developer and designer in the Digital …

Demo CMS and a short presentation on “convince your boss/client”

Explore some unexpected capabilities and characteristics of “static” sites

The free, online global conference for all things Jekyll (videos)

Netlify CEO Mathias Biilmann speaking at SmashingConf on the JAM Stack.

About the newest, largely re-written version Middleman

Jekyll, Netlify, CloudCannon, job board coming soon

The rise of static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo, and others, offer a faster and more secure alternative to traditional content management systems. In this talk, we’ll cover the static trend, …

CONTENT IN Most, but not all, static site generators use markdown files to store content, with information about each file of content specified using YAML formatted front matter. It looks like this: …