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  • Setting up NetlifyCMS with Wyam - Part 1
    by Mark Burton Tutorial
    Feb 16, 18

    Despite the length of this series of blog posts NetlifyCMS is actually really easy to setup. It just involves configuration across a few different tools to get it all working in an automated fashion, from publishing a post in the CMS, thereby the file being pushed to GitHub, to automatically building and publishing your site, in this instance to Netlify.

  • Making your first Jekyll theme: Part 1
    by David Darnes Tutorial
    Jan 25, 18

    Themes for Jekyll have been around for a while, but the process of installing a theme was a bit clunky. Content files and templating files would have to be carefully copied over. But, with the introduction of Gem-based themes, themes can now be installed with a couple of lines of code.

  • Hugo Page Resources
    by Regis Philibert Tutorial
    Jan 11, 18

    In this article we’ll cover Page Resources and its impact on the way we structure our content folders, what methods and properties it offers, how to use it in our templates and markdown and finally its current limitations and how we can circumvent them with the creation of manifest array direclty in our Page’s Front Matter.

  • Image Optimization Made Easy with Gatsby.js
    by Kyle Gill Tutorial
    Jan 10, 18

    Shave off hours of work with a simple to use React component built for images. Optimizing images hardly sounds like an ideal afternoon of work, but in today’s world it’s become a necessary evil. This post looks at how it can be done much easier using gatsby-image.

  • How to build custom Hugo pagination
    by Glenn McComb Tutorial
    Jan 10, 18

    Hugo is an awesome feature-packed static site generator which is also open source and free. It ships with a default pagination template but if you’re looking for full control, I’m going to demonstrate how to build custom pagination.

  • How I Added Additional Post Types to My GatsbyJS Site
    by Ben Newton Tutorial
    Jan 09, 18

    First things first, I needed to add the source for my new posts. The starter is already pulling data from markdown files in /content/posts utilizing gatsby-source-filesystem. I thought I could just add another reference to markdown files in a new directory and I’d reference that in a separate GraphQL query and have a separate array of posts to work with, but that is not how it works.

  • Wordpress as CMS for your JAMStack sites
    by Stefan Baumgartner Tutorial
    Jan 08, 18

    The almighty JAMStack brings you fast and secure static websites, and with things like headless content management systems they become even easy to edit! However, every once in a while you will find yourself in front of a Wordpress blog that has way too many articles (and way too many authors that fear change!) to be reasonably transferred. But Wordpress can be headless, too. In fact, Wordpress’ own hosting service uses its core only via API, the editing interface comes with the shiny new Calypso.

  • 10 Netlify features to surprise and delight
    by Phil Hawksworth Article
    Jan 04, 18

    During my first days as a Netlify employee, I learned about some features that surprised me. The response to my tweet announcing my new role was interesting, too. I received lots of kind words of congratulations along with questions about features I assumed were well known or understood.

  • Hugo Web Development Workflow on Windows
    by Ashwin Narayan Tutorial
    Dec 31, 17

    I’ve been primarily using Windows as my operating system for the past year or so. Having used Linux for a long time, I definitely missed the conveniences offered by shell scripting and other command line tools. However, while setting up a workflow in Windows for publishing content to my website I discovered that Windows’ scripting tools are not all that bad. In fact, for anyone familiar with scripting from Linux, moving to Powershell isn’t that hard.

  • Regis Philibert | Hugo Translator
    Dec 20, 17

    Go Template is the templating language used by Hugo and other Go systems. Now it is not Twig or Blade or Liquid, don’t get fooled by the familiar curlies. It is a far stretch from those well known Templating Language out there…